Austin Mobile Ads

Street Level Advertising

Have you been to Austin’s entertainment district on a weekend? There are pedicabs and people everywhere. Imagine if your message were tacked onto those pedicabs. Every evening, thousands of eyeballs will track those adverts as they cycle past, over and over again. It’s a medium which saturates the zeitgeist with unprecedented intimacy. Sweaty, hipster intimacy.

ACL, SXSW, UT Football, F1 and More

Austin has become a festival town. That means people with money, thousands and thousand of them. Think of all the massively crowded festivals and events which regularly beset Austin, and the pedicabbers who penetrate the throngs like so many skinny-pantsed viruses. The biggest of the events, ACL and SXSW draw hundreds of thousands of people into the town. If your brand wants to reach them, you couldn’t do much better than over a hundred 3’x2′ placards on the backs of a fleet of pedicabs.

Simply the Largest Fleet of Pedicabs in Austin

If you’re sitting on the corner of Brazos and Sixth Street, a significant portion of the pedicabs you see will have the Easy Rider Pedicabs plates. We have the single largest fleet of pedicabs in Austin, almost double the size of the the next largest company. That means if you’re buying ad space on any other pedicab, you’re getting fewer impressions and less reach.

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