Chicago Pedicab Company

Easy Rider Pedicabs is now operating in the Chicago area! The biggest fleet of pedicabs in the Live Music Capital of the World has come to the Windy City, where we will be pedaling diligently into the wind for Chicago Cubs game for the conceivable future.

Hiring Drivers

Riding pedicab is fun, easy and lucrative. Seriously, the gearing makes it a piece of cake. We’ll bring the best maintained pedicabs in the business and you bring the great attitude and willingness to help customers get from bar ‘A’ to bar ‘B’ or from the stadium to where they parked, or, you get the picture. Call us at 512-436-3286 for details on your new career in pedicabbing and we’ll get you in the bicycle seat.

Drive a Pedicab

Advertising Opportunities for Chicago Crowds

You know why there isn’t much of a buzz for your brand? Because you don’t have your ads on pedicabs, right where everyone leaving Wrigley Field can see them. If you had a full-wrap graphic ad zooming around on pedicabs where tens of thousands upon thousands of people see it every week, then your customer base would know you are fun. Call us at 512-436-3286 about size and graphic options!

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